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Suede Cleaning Tips

Suede is very difficult to clean. We would advise you to use a protector spray which will provide some protection against soiling and staining. You should reapply the spray at least twice a year.

You should never store a suede garment in plastic. Over time the acid in the plastic can remove the colour from the garment, it is very difficult to restore this colour.

Stains that may contain bacteria such as blood, egg and milk should be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise the bacteria within the stain can start to feed on the skin and cause permanent damage

If your garment gets wet, dry it naturally rather than placing it on a radiator otherwise you may be left with water marks.

Suede should be stored in a cool, dry and well ventilated place. You should avoid storing in a damp, basement or indeed a humid attic. Your garment should also be stored out of direct sunlight as this will cause the skin to deteriorate.

If you have light coloured suede garment, allowing it to get very dirty before you clean it may make it impossible to restore. It’s best to act early to achieve the best results.

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The excellent job that your technicians did on our leather lounge suites helped us get a higher price on selling them.

Thank you again, I will certainly be telling my family and friends about your services

Kind regards
Dimi Agnes

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