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How to Clean your Lounge Leather Yourself!

After weeks or months of shopping and probably a few thousand dollar well spent, many owners of leather sofas are confronted with their first dilemma: how do they claim their leather sofas? Luckily leather sofa cleaning is not a particularly difficult process. Despite the process not being particularly difficult, it will require a few special tools and probably some special cleaning agents as well.

Before attempting to clean any piece of leather furniture, one needs to know what kind of leather it is. Not all leather surfaces are the same, and therefore not all leather sofas can be cleaned with the exact same method and tools. The type of material is typically found on a tag someplace on the sofa, and such tags typically give some basic cleaning advice. If no tags or present, or if the tag offers no advice regarding cleaning procedures, one can look at the included documentation. If one is still unable to find what they seek, it is time to contact the vendor and/or manufacturer. If that does not work, then it is time to consult a specialist and/or try finding information on the internet.

Routine cleaning should include the removal of all portions that are designed for easy removal and a quick vacuuming with a soft brush head. This should be the first step to leather sofa cleaning unless one has a reason to bypass it.

The second step usually involves a clean towel and a bowl of lukewarm distilled water mixed with an appropriate cleaner. Such a cleaner might be recommended by the vendor or manufacturer, but if a suitable cleaner is unattainable (or identifiable) it is unlikely that facial or body soap will cause any harm. Dove or Neutrogena are both popular brands available in most supermarkets and many larger pharmacies as well as countless convenience stores in virtually every corner of the country. One will also need a separate bucket of distilled water without soap and a third bucket.

The process works like this: dip the towel into the soapy water, wring it until it is moist but not dripping wet, and then clean one portion of the leather sofa. Dip the dirty rag into the water and wring it out into the empty bucket. Repeat the dip and wring process as many times as necessary to ensure that the towel is clean. It may be necessary to refill the water-only bucket more than once to ensure that the towel can be kept clean. Once the towel is clean, wring it as much as possible before recovering the soap-covered area at least twice.

Continue this process for all surface areas. Replace any volume of distilled water as often as necessary to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning is achieved. Dirty water may permanently mar an otherwise gorgeous leather sofa.

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