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Wakerley Suede / Nubuck Leather Cleainng

Nubuck LeatherNubuck is top-grain cattle rawhide leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side, or outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, producing a velvet-like surface. The velvety textured surface show a difference in shading when one runs his hand over it. It is resistant to wear, and may be white or coloured. The effect also gives the leather a color depth and this shading is not found in any other type. The leather is sometimes also dyed with transparent dyes. Nubuck leather is also known as Chaps, Distressed, Bomber, or Suede. But it should not be confused with suede or reversed leather.

We cover all Brisbane suburbs, all Eastern Suburbs area and all surrounding suburbs to Wakerley.

Suede LeatherNubuck is similar to suede. It differs in that suede is created from the inner side of a hide, whereas nubuck is created from the outer side of a hide, giving it more strength and thickness along with a fine grain. It is generally more expensive than suede, and must be coloured or dyed heavily to cover up the sanding and stamping process. Suede is the flesh side of a piece of leather where as nubuck is an effect done to the grain side of the leather, making it incredibly soft. The brushing makes the leather more absorbent than aniline leathers. Nubuck leather reflects the natural leather grain or do have an endless variety of embossed patterns which are applied to them, and color vividly.

These types of leather are very difficult to clean and it is absolutely vital that they are protected soon after purchase. Nubuck cloths should be used for maintenance and a full clean, brush and protection is recommended once a year.

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When my grandchildren stayed for a long weekend they covered my leather couches in stains, and because it is unfinished leather I thought that my sofas were done for but you were somehow able to get all of the marks out of the upholstery. A professional service – thank you so much."

Neddy Balwin

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